Monday, July 9, 2012

July 9

Guess who pooped?

I'll give you a hint... It was the same girl who got to eat a scrambled egg for lunch today.


Blessed relief and hallelujah, because if I hadn't pooped by today, I was going to have to go the suppository route, which is never any fun. But I did it. On my own. (Well, with the help of literal hands full of laxatives and stool softeners and doses of MiraLax three nights in a row. ... Oh, right. And a whole lot of prayer. Yes, I pray that I'll be able to poop. Don't judge my relationship with the Lord. I'm pretty sure He's alright with me asking for help, in whatever way I need it.)

Tomorrow is my first follow-up with the surgeon. I'm so glad that I'll be able to tell him that I could still poop once they sent me home!

*Note: There will be updates to be had after said dr appt tomorrow. Hopefully, the size/weight of the tumor(s), as well as whether my "unremarkable" internal fluid had receded and if my platelet count has finally leveled out. I'm telling you, stay tuned for big news. (Insert eye roll here. ... I know it's semi-ridiculous that my life right now consists of poo and platelets. Won't it be great when I get better and we can go back to Richard Castle and/or Batman as reading/writing material? Honestly!)